Cookies are small pieces of information sent by a web server; such as that used to run IHRRI (INTERNATIONAL HUMANITARIAN RELIEF & RESCUE INITIATIVE)’s Website, to a user’s computer which are then stored on that computer’s hard drive. We use cookies and similar tracking devices to identify when a visit from a user of your computer is made to IHRRI”s Website, to keep track of your browsing patterns, to enable IHRRI’s Website to operate properly and to help us to optimize the content of the website. Most browsers allow you to prevent cookies being stored on your computer: if you want to know how to do this please look at the Help menu on your browser. Please note that doing so may restrict your ability to use IHRRI’s Website.

We also count, track, and aggregate your activity on the website into our analysis of general traffic flows at the site, allowing us to identify broad demographics about who uses IHRRI website. This Traffic Data is kept anonymously so that any such information does not personally identify you. We may share this Traffic Data with others, for example, when we report to third parties, such as the press, that a certain number of our donors come from a specific geographic area.

We monitor our site and capture information about your visit to IHRRI’s Website to improve the quality of the service we provide. This may include monitoring of traffic patterns and the site usage to help us develop and administer IHRRI’s Website. The information we hold about you may also be used to analyze your browsing preferences as part of our marketing and fundraising programs. This may help us to select and tailor content for your benefit.