Workshop on Apprenticeship Management, Training, Responsibilities and Challenges

Workshop organised by IHRRI and Ed”s World Inc. on Apprenticeship Management, Training, Responsibilities and Challenges.

Vocational training is a conventional tool for the development of every nation. It is a way of providing special skills rather than academic knowledge to an individual to enable him/her fit into the competitive global economy.

Why the vocational training?

•It provides better chances of employment

•It Increases job satisfaction

•It provides mental, health, and societal benefits •It gives higher earnings levels

•It improves flexibility and mobility

•It is lifelong learning

•It has a positive influence on child education etc.

No doubt most countries are more concerned now on vocational and technical education. Considering the benefits from vocational training to the individuals, families and the society as a whole, it is imperative therefore to ensure that those who are not able to go through formal education also benefit from vocational training. This we feel can help reduce poverty, crime, and increase productivity in the country. We have started to pave the way and create opportunities for numerous young adults who are not able to further their education to benefit from our vocational training center or other recognized vocational centers in the Ayensuano District in the Eastern Region of Ghana.

The Workshop on Apprenticeship management, training, responsibilities, and challenges was organized recently at Marfokrom, where our office is located to advance our course to help young adults in vocational training. Officers from the District social welfare department, parents, and trainers were invited for this workshop. The program has been welcomed by the social welfare department, parents, and young adults in the district. We pay for the cost of their training, provide their uniform, give allowance to the trainers, and give them the machines to work with after training.


There are a lot of young adults who have completed Junior High School and Senior High School but are not able to further their education and wanted to be enrolled on the program but because of our limited resources, we are able to engage a few of them.


We are appealing to development agencies, philanthropists, companies, individuals who have such young adults at heart to help engage as many as possible in vocational training in the Ayensuano District and the nation of Ghana at large.

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